Sunday, July 8, 2012

Malaysia LEGO Star Wars Price

As first I thought the pricing of this theme gets better, but I thought wrong. The price for the second wave of LEGO Star Wars soar again and is not getting any better. Still crazy prices.

#9496 Desert Skiff™
Price: RM169.90

#9497 Republic Striker-class Starfighter™
Price: RM279.90

#9498 Saesee Tiin's Jedi Starfighter™
Price: RM229.90

#9499 Gungan Sub™
Price: RM399.90

#9500 Sith™ Fury-class Interceptor™
Price: RM579.90

#9515 The Malevolence™
Price: RM689.90

#9516 Jabba's Palace™
Price: RM819.90

The price of the planet set still maintains at RM50 each, but looking at the price listed on top of  this line, it seems like they are still expensive and anyone can hardly afford them. Perhaps I should start to change hobby.

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