Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Arrivals at Brick Bastion

For Malaysian LEGO fans, here's the new arrival that reach Brick Bastion today. Below is the list of items that arrives today:

Kingdoms Joust
Price: RM599.90

Quinjet Aerial Battle
Price: RM479.90

Loki's™ Cosmic Cube Escape / Wolverine's™ Chopper Showdown
Price: RM149.90

Captain America's™ Avenging Cycle
Price: RM79.90

Captain America™ / The Hulk™ / Iron Man™
Price: RM69.90

Heartlake Vet
Price: RM229.90

T-Rex Hunter
Price: RM389.90

Can head over the site to place your order now. To visit the shop, click HERE.

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