Wednesday, May 9, 2012

LEGO Kingdoms #10223 Kingdom Joust Released in Malaysia

The good news,  #10223 Kingdom Joust already reach our shore. Below is the picture for your reference:

The retail is at RM599.90, you might be able to get 10% off from some store. I'm not sure if this is cheap or expensive but if you think logically is still pricey. Just because our distributor jack up the price of most of the set, especially the license theme, now it makes us feel that the set is within the affordable range.

Image taken from Brickshelf.

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Paanjang16 said...

I wanted to get it but after finding out the price I decided against it. Lots of useful parts for MOCS especially the main building.

I saw one in Brickboy last week. Just so happen it was placed on the aisle just above the Medieval Market Village. The MMV only costs RM 450+ if I recall and has more parts (1600pieces). It does not help you get HALF a building which you need another one to fully enclose it. This set should be priced closer to the MMV. The asking price now is way too expensive.