Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pictures of Malaysia 2010 LEGO Collectors' Exhibition

Is the second day since the event have started and it sure took a lot of time to setup the thing too. Thanks to a Bricksmal member, yakimuraii, below are some pictures from Malaysia 2010 LEGO Collectors' Exhibition during the setup:


Mars Mission:


Grand Carousel:

More exclusives:

Of course these are not all of the thing on display and they are more of them while sets that are not been put up will be put up during weekend. Below, a picture where ToysRUs selling some LEGO set beside:

As you can see above, on the right are exclusive sets that they are selling with 15% discount off from normal retail price. They do have a table or two to let kids play with LEGO, but definitely not those set on display. =P

Images from Bricksmal.


Sau-Wern said...

Actually, more sets have since been laid on the display area :P

matanui said...

Awesome!!! I don't live in Malaysia so I cant come but its good to see others enjoying themselves :)

galaxylight said...

Hi. I've noticed that the minifigs are not displayed along with the sets. Any particular reason for that?

Boris Lim said...

Hi, more sets have been put up comparing with the first day. I was told that the minifigs was not attached to the vehicles and is placed in other box. ^^

Yakimurai said...

Yeah afraid of being stolen