Thursday, June 3, 2010

LEGO Kingdoms at LS@H

Castle fans can now buy their Kingdoms set from LEGO Shop@Home. However, the United States and Canada still have a few set not release such as impulse and battle pack while other country have all of them released already.

#7946 Kings Castle
933 pieces

#7947 Prison Tower Rescue
365 pieces

#7948 Outpost Attack
194 pieces

#7949 Prison Carriage Rescue
50 pieces

#7950 Knights Showdown
61 pieces

#7953 Jester
22 pieces

#7955 Wizard
19 pieces

#852921 Knights Battle Pack

#852921 Dragon Battle Pack

I do like some of them, but once you buy a set of this, you most probably will plan to get the whole theme. Although I do like the Fantasy era, but I believe this new line is good too.

Since not all are release, click HERE to guide you to LS@H while HERE will guide you to Kingdoms homepage.

Sources from LEGO website.

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