Thursday, February 18, 2010

Summer LEGO Kingdoms

After seeing pictrures LEGO Kingdoms, I have change my perception on this new theme. It actually looks better than what I expected.

933 pieces
USD99.99 /CAD129.99

#7947 Prison Tower Rescue
365 pieces
USD49.99 /CAD69.99

#7948 Outpost Attack
194 pieces
USD19.99 /CAD26.99

#7949 Prison Carriage Rescue
50 pieces
USD9.99 /CAD12.99

#7950 Knight's Showdown
USD6.99 /CAD9.99

#7953 Jester
22 pieces

#7955 Wizard
19 pieces

For more images, click on the set name.

Images and details from FBTB.

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