Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LEGO Indiana Jones #7195 Ambush in Cairo Review

Doing another review for fun. =D

Theme: Indiana Jones (Classic)
Name : Ambush in Cairo Review
S/N : #7195
Year : 2009
Pieces : 79
Minifig : 4
Price : RM92.90, SGD29.90, USD10.99, GBP9.79

The theme of the box art do not change ever since this theme is launch but the size of the box is getting smaller compare to the two previous set. The front of the box art is show us the thing we are getting after assembling all the bricks with some added background while the side shows us the minifigs we are getting together with their name. At the back is just another shot of the set with small advertisement of #7199 Temple of Doom and the Indiana Jones game.

Inside the box, we found ourselves with 2 packs of bricks and an instruction booklet. The instruction booklet do not include us some basic knowledge of assembling LEGO anymore but straight to assembling minifigs process. As usual we got building steps and brick checklist together with some summer Indiana Jones set advertisement.

This set include us a lot of minifig's accessories as well. We got guns, apples, plate, pan, sword and whip. Consider it not bad though. Extra handgun are not included here.

We got four minifigs from this set which is much better compare to the two small Indiana Jones set in the previous release where we got only three minifigs. Both Indy and Marion got new outfit and I'm glad that the turban and ninja headgear is back.
As usual Marion got two expression and under the ninja headgear is the Grail Guardian minifigs head. Those thug from Cairo have darker skin tone too.

While here's the small little stall together with the cart. They looks so simple and it probably took you five minutes to complete everything. But luckily, there are plenty of accessories provided so it is still worth getting.

And here's the two little extra parts left for us.

While here's the shot of completion:

Playability: 5/10 Just the cart with moving wheel function and the big wooden tank to hide minifigs.
Design : 7/10 The design of the cart is good but not the stall.
Price : 4/10 The price here (at my country) are not acceptable.
Overall: 8/10 Great amount of accessories and four minifigs! I just like it!

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