Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Upcoming summer LEGO Star Wars sets

First of all, #7748 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid will only include us one Clone Trooper with jetpack, and the jetpack looks ugly. Hope they just made it for the prelim box art and have a way better designed jetpack during the release. But it seems like we will get just the normal Clone Trooper. Below are the box art:

Looks like LEGO also has change the background of this box art instead they are fighting on a desert. I like this set and probably will get a few.

As for the Echo base, it was the same with the prelim picture that we seen. A new Taun Taun, which is highly requested by the AFOL is included. Guess this seet will sold out in no time as it includes a handsome amount of minifigs from Hoth battle scene.

A very detailed horn Taun Taun have.

As for the Separatist Shuttle, we will get Nute Gunray and Padme's uncle (don't know what he is called). But the only new thing in the set is Nute Gunray minifig and I think it includes a Pilot Droid too, but no Clone Trooper.

While for Battle of Endor, we will get a Death Star Trooper and also the Scout Trooper. But I guess the Scout Trooper looks exactly like the old ones, just maybe they have plain dark head instead of printed one. As for the AT-ST, it looks not bad.

And if we look at the box art behind, the new Endor Rebel torso is darn ugly, I prefer they were printed like the old Luke Skywalker torso.

Finally, the box art of Y-wing. . .
Not sure if this set will sell well. . .

Images from Brickshelf.

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