Thursday, January 29, 2009

Summer LEGO Star Wars Catalog

Manage to find the images of the LEGO Star Wars catalog from Jedi News. I think they are still not a confirmed pictures of the set.

As we can see, the Senate Guard are using normal Clone Trooper helmet and be painted blue while Palpatine using Grand Moff Tarkin face. But we get to see Nute Gunray minifig image from here. A nice one. The image below are a little small, will link you guys to the picture later.

Click HERE to enlarge.

Other than that, I just realize that the rebel trooper from Echo Base set have new goggle, means we get a new piece which are more alike with the movie. Pray for them to be cheap, real cheap.

Besides that, we see that that the Venator Class do not have that republic logo on both of the side and it looks a little shorter than Star Destroyer but is thicker than Star Destroyer I think. The amount of minifig in that set are, of course fewer than Star Destroyer, a little upset with it.

But still they are prelim images I think, not a final. Guess there will be a slight different when the set are release.

Image from Jedi News.

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