Saturday, December 6, 2014

LEGO Bionicle #70780 Protector of Water Review

I suppose this is the last review from VBBN's on next year Bionicle set. All of the set has been reviewed and well, is definitely is promising to owned all of them. Image below is taken from Eurobricks:

The Protector of Water looks a bit skinny, maybe they just need to suits the design of Master of Water, Gali. I do not seems much of a rare piece here but we do have translucent blue parts in this set and the gattling gun here. The design of each of the protectors are close to each other and that is probably the case which LEGO gets to save money by reusing the same mold, for example the mask. For side characters, I think is ok to reuse the mold, however not the main one like the master.

Image from Eurobricks.

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