Sunday, November 23, 2014

LEGO Bionicle #70784 Lewa: Master of Jungle Review

Lewa (#8535) the Toa of Air is my first Bionicle and that was because I was playing a game from a cereal breakfast and start to like it. Thanks to the cereal, I knew about Bionicle. Now that we have another Lewa, just that this time he is the Master of Jungle instead of air. Below is a picture taken from VBBN's review:

So far, in my humble opinion the top three current best looking new Bionicle will be Tahu, Kopaka and Gali. The rest just look so so to me, maybe they are lacking something or over equipped. Anyway, Lewa did look a bit better after it combined with his protector, which you can see in the review. Otherwise you can recycle some of your parts from Hero Factory to modify it. So far, all of my old Bionicle joints start to crack.

Image from Eurobricks.

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