Sunday, May 26, 2013

LEGO DC Super Heroes #76000 Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze: Aquaman on Ice Review

Here's a review on a DC Super Heroes playset which is affordable and nice to play with, the Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze: Aquaman on Ice playset. Below picture is taken from Bricks Review:


I think most of us here in Malaysia already owned this set especially the Super Heroes fans since it comes with a few new character that you are very likely looking forward to add them into your DC Super Heroes collection like Arctic Batman and Aquaman. Althought Mr. Freeze is a reissue, but is a great addition to your minifigs vault as well. The Batboat in my opinion was just cool, just the two bars at the back that are bothersome, otherwise is purr-fect. 

Links to the review are right below the picture.

Image from Bricks Review.

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