Saturday, April 27, 2013

LEGO Exclusive Toy Soldier Minifigs

Saw this new update on Brickset just now while I'm updating myself with news that are happening around in this week. It seems like the Minifigures Character Encylopedia has been released and I'm sure it will not hit our shore that early. unless you placed order through Amazon. Below here is a great photo that has been taken by the Brickset team:

Toy Soldier from DK Minifigures book Toy Soldier from DK Minifigures book

Now I'm in dilemma whether to get a copy of this Minifigures Character Encylopedia or otherwise, it seems like they purposely make you feel incomplete without this minifigs added into your minifigures series collection since it comes from the encyclopedia. But these tiny little men and women are a premium over here in Malaysia. Honestly, this toy soldier looks good.

Images from Brickset.


Ivan Lee said...

You can get the Minifigure Character Encyclopedia at Border Queensbay

Boris Lim said...

yup, saw it at RM70 just now.