Sunday, January 6, 2013

LEGO The Lone Ranger Polybag Picture

Seems like most of theme have their own unique polybag set as promotional items which is pretty cool I my opinion. Below is the picture of the polybag set from the upcoming theme by TLG, The Lone Ranger:

#30260 Lone Ranger’s Pump Car & #30261 Tonto's Campfire

My opinion? These two polybag looks promising to me and one of the way to get these cool minifigs.
Polybag set are usually small and simple with one or no playability at all. However, that do not stop people from buying them as we get those unique minifigs or even parts from the polybag set. On top of that it is suitable for you to play with it when you do not have much mood to build on the big set.

Images from Brickset.

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