Sunday, April 15, 2012

LEGO Star Wars ARF Trooper and Sandtrooper Minifigs Differences

I found there are some differences in this year LEGO Star Wars ARF Trooper and Sandtrooper figs of mine and my guess is that they are probably from different batch. Let's starts off with ARF Trooper:

From the above picture we can see there are two ARF Trooper, one on the left which have thicker visor print and the one on right which have a nicely printed visor like the last time. I'm not sure which is the latest batch, but i believe is the one the left is the latest.

However, the marking on top of the helmet for the left is better while the one on left is a little bit off. Guess they manage to get the printing on top at the right place again but not the visor printing.

About the Sandtrooper, is the helmet printing too. The new batch got the mouth printed higher than the previous batch. You can feel the difference the first time you saw it. Seems like the printing is very much obvious different.

The one on the left is the new batch while the one on the right is old batch, seems like mine is a bit off the mouth printing but is definitely higher and you can feel that.

On the above picture the new batch face seems to be tan in colour, mostly due to heavy sunbath while the older batch seems a little bit white and seems sick. I much prefer the new one in this case. Guess here's the differences that I have spotted for now.

I very much hope that the visor for ARF can be corrected and the Sandtrooper  helmet mouth can be corrected too.

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