Sunday, July 24, 2011

LEGO Star Wars 2012

Despite of DC Heroes and Marvel Heroes license, Star Wars still continues next year which is a good thing, and we havea set confirmed which is #9492 TIE Fighter which comes which comes with four unique figures.

This is a definitely must buy for me, we get new headgear new astromech droid head. Everything just looks right, even the TIE Fighter. On the other hand, here's a Queen Amidala minifigs that are coming too:

Cool eh? More minifigs to collect from now onwards. Better stock up your wallet.

Sources via Eurobricks.


kwan said...

Damn... Any ideas how much it'll cost? I have the older version, where the wings are blue in colour and just 1 minifig.

The droid looks cute! :)

Boris Lim said...

No idea, but people sure go for the new one now as it is more accurate. From what I know there will be 6 sets release on jan 2012.

LEGO talk said...

Thanks for posting