Sunday, November 21, 2010

No More Cheap Minifigs for All

got some news for us, which is regarding the future of the magnets set where everyone buy them to get their favorite minifigs at a cheap price. According to that blog, the Pharaoh's Quest magnet set that was bought turn out that the minifigs were glued to the magnet bases and also the torso and leg were glued together.

So not only licensed theme magnet sets might be like this in the future (which eventually the plan to glued the minifigs started from licensed theme), but LEGO own theme also will be alike. However, please note that this is not yet confirmed like what the writer of the blog said.

To read the feedback from LEGO customer service, please visit HERE.

I would not say all are bad, as there are some pros whereby we no longer need to worry about being cheated by unethical seller that sell magnet minifigs at the price of playset minifigs.

Sources from The Ugly Duckling at Bricklink.

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