Friday, October 8, 2010

New LEGO Lamp

With the release of new LEGO Lamp, the fans have more choices to choose from when they buy the lamp. LEGO now release the lamp in three different design according to their popular theme City. Minifigures from City theme were use as the design of them lamp, which is the police, fireman and construction man. I guess this three are the most popular one.

#8506742 LEGO City Key Light

#8506759 LEGO City Head Lamp

#8506773 LEGO City Dynamo Torch
#8507121 LEGO City Torch

Others that are in the shape of bricks are #8506797 LEGO 2x2 Brick Flasher, #8507015 2x4 LEGO Brick Key Light and #8507220 Transparent Brick Light.

Images from Bricksworld.

2 comments: said...

I love these item...great for xmas gifts! said...

Pretty cool idea...light it pretty bright too..