Thursday, August 5, 2010

LEGO Power Miners #8188, #8189, #8190 Review

Recently there is not much news of new sets to update and I started to be busy again. Well, this post is about Power Miners. Although these (new) Power Miners sets has been release for quite some times now but I think this time round they really done a good job. Bricks Review posted two reviews of them recently and one for quite some times ago.

#8190 Claw Catcher Review

I hope this will help those that are looking for reviews on the Power Miners set.

I do think the some third wave set looks much cooler than the first and second wave of Power Miners, especially the Fire Blaster and Claw Catcher. Also the new outfit for the minifigs and new magma monster are just again. . .cool~

The name below the pictures are link to the review.

Images from Flickr.

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