Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LEGO Prince of Persia Available at LEGO Shop@Home

LEGO Prince of Persia has made available in LEGO Shop@Home. Of course, there are only release in the United States and Canada for the time being.

#7569 Desert Attack
57 pieces
USD10.99 / CAD14.99

#7570 The Ostrich Race
169 pieces
USD19.99 / CAD26.99

#7571 The Fight for The Dagger
258 pieces
USD29.99 / CAD39.99

#7572 Quest Against Time
506 pieces
USD49.99 / CAD69.99

#7573 Battle of Alamut
821 pieces
USD79.99 / CAD109.99

Not only were the playset are released, there are several accessories released too. And they are:

#852939 Prince Dastan Key Chain
USD4.99 / CAD5.99

#852940 Princess Tamina Key Chain
USD4.99 / CAD5.99

#852941 Nizam Key Chain
USD4.99 / CAD5.99

#852942 Prince of Persia Magnet set
USD14.99 / CAD19.99

The magnet sets looks good since a dagger will be included inside.

Here's the link to LEGO Shop@Home.

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