Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bionicle Stars

Bionicle Stars, which is the last of Bionicle line is released too in LEGO Shop@Home in America and Canada. Surprisingly they are in small size like Matoran or Agori, and not something like Toa or Glatorian, which is a little bigger with more pieces.

They are each sold at USD 7.99 or CAD10.99. IF you would like to build the so call Golden Bionicle, You have to purchase all of them to get some golden parts.

Here's the link to all six Bionicle Stars.

Image from LEGO website.


amir norman nerd said...

hey boris im from malaysia too, are the stars out yet in malaysia?

i was a fan of bionicle since the bohrok came out and i'd like to get the last sets while i can

Boris Lim said...

Noe, not yet, we have to wait until next year.