Thursday, October 29, 2009

#10211 Grand Emporium

A rumor of new modular house #10211 Grand Emporium has surface.

According to Eurobricks, the set is said to be a corner building (like Cafe Corner), and is made out of black, gray, and yellow bricks with many windows. Contains 2182 pieces and will be release on March 2010.

Since there is no picture on the set yet, Eurobricks have post up a picture of a real building and said it looks like it. Also they have include the price for some different country.

It's great that there will be another modular house coming this soon, after the release of Fire Station (can't recall the exact name) not long ago. The picture included in Eurobricks sure looks good though.

Sources from Eurobricks.

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Tandeeguy4137 said...

i love lego too. and seein as im 13 i have a lot of it. i never collected market street. i wish they had never stopped that. i cant wait til march!