Friday, July 24, 2009

SDCC 09 Exclusives

So here's the content that we are waiting to see from SDCC 09 Exclusive set. It turn out to be . . .

A mini AT-TE and a mini dropship. This set itself will cost you $50. Not sure it is worth for a 2 mini model or for the 202 pieces. The box sure looks big to me, don't think this set is worth getting but the dropship do carry the mini AT-TE though.

Anyway, I guess most of the people will find alternative to save their money which is find the instructions and buy the bricks itself to construct this two models.

Also there will be six collectible display set from LEGO which consist of 3 minifigs and some cool background, like what Hasbro do for the battle pack.

They look not bad and some are worth buying since we only want the minifigs but not the whole set. I guess the one with Mon Calamari will be the best seller among all six of them.

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Anonymous said...

They look awesome. Will they be sold in Singapore and malaysia? and how soon will they be released? Really excited here

Boris Lim said...

Unfortunately, no. All this set you see is only limited at San Diego Comic Con 09. So again, if you want to get, have to get from bricklink with extra high price.