Wednesday, April 22, 2009

#8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack Alternative Model

LEGO nowadays didn't include us any alternate model for each set anymore, especially Star Wars. Now we have to think by our own and use the bricks from the set to MOC ourselves. Anyway, below are alternative model by combining TWO #8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack from pedrocon:

It's cool that we can create a mini AT-AP with two set od #8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack. Just in case you guys have extra walker when you do not need that much, perhaps you can try this out.

Below are links to pedrocon's Brickshelf gallery:

There are other cool stuff in his gallery.

Images from Eurobricks.


okaong said...

Dear sir,

I tried pedrocon's brickcsheft gallery, but i can't find the building instruction of this. Can you guide?

Btw, do you think it's possible to build the 6-legs bug vehicle, with 3 boxes of 8014?


Boris Lim said...

Yup, he doesn't include any instructions for this. You should have only left a 2x6 plate and a green piece that use as a seat.

Do you mean AT-TE? Not sure about it though. You can refer here:
I think is impossible as we do not have enough pieces.

Boris Lim said...

Now you can refer here for the interior: