Friday, December 26, 2008

August 2009 LEGO Star Wars list

Looks like the coming year will be a great year for LEGO Star Wars fans, but also a hurtful year to their pocket, especially wallet. I found a list which contains a minifigures list together with the coming sets. I guess they are all not bad, but as we can now, the price of the set release now is definitely not reasonable, but still as a collector, we have to buy them all. Below are the list from a person who have already seen the preliminary picture:

7748 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid ™: 2 droids and 2 clones with jump packs (the jump packs looks like the classic space oxygen tanks but then they are prelim pics). The tank is basically gray (different shades) in colour.

7749 Echo Base™: One laser turrent with a trench wall. 2 hoth rebel soldiers, 2 snow trooper with one of them holding the "big gun" (Sorry, cannot remember what that thing is called, similar to the one found in the earlier MF) and 1 Taun-taun with, I believe, Han Solo on it.

8036 Separatists Shuttle ™: 3 droids, 1 "green" guy and another person in orange. Unfortunately, I cannot make out the 2 key minifigs as the pics are not very clear.

8037 Anakin's Y-wing Starfighter ™: Basically the design from the clone war animation with Anakin, Ashoka and R2-D2.

8038 The Battle of Endor ™: There will be the "back door" to the base in the forest as seen in the movies. There will be Han Solo, Leia (looks like a new torso, green), R2-D2, 2 rebel soldiers (in green and helmets as seen in the movies), 2 scout troopers with speeders, 2 ewoks(1 on a glider and there is also a catapult) and 1 AT-ST with Chewbecca on it. I cannot see clearly but there might be an imperial officer within the base.
(11 minifigs? Not sure how much LEGO go place the price of this set)

8039 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser ™: At first I could not really make out who is that with the wavy hair and the 2 blue figures.... then I realised it is probably Chancellor Palpatine!! Plus the 2 senate guards (is that what they call them...) There will also be a clone trooper officer (I cannot see clearly who is that) and 1 clone trooper.

No picture again, but from a reliable source.

Sources from Eurobricks.

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