Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Our Favourite LEGO CMF Series 18 Characters

Just prior to the New York Toy Fair and before any leaks were shown, LEGO announced the full lineup of the LEGO CMF Series 18 characters. This series celebrates the 40th anniversary of the minifigure, and hence has a Costume Party-theme. There are 17 minifigures to collect and will be available this April. They do look very different to most traditional 16 minifigure series - especially with the orange display stands.

LEGO CMF Series 18 

The character list for the LEGO CMF Series 18 is as follows:

• Balloon Artist Clown
• Birthday Cake Guy
• Blue Suit Brick Girl
• Blue Unicorn Knight
• Cactus Girl
• Cat Suit Guy
• Cowboy Suit Guy
• Elephant Suit Girl
• Fireworks Guy
• Race Car Guy
• Flower Girl
• Police Officer
• Purple Balloon Girl
• Red Suit Brick Guy
• Orange Balloon LEGO Fan Boy
• Red Dragon Suit Guy
• Spider Suit Guy

Our Favourite Characters?

Blue Suit Brick Girl and Red Suit Brick Guy

Our two favourite characters from the LEGO CMF Series 18 collection are Blue Suit Brick Girl and Red Suit Brick Guy. These are really unique and definitely celebrate 40 years of the minifigure - could there also be a hint at 60 years of the brick?

Red Dragon Suit Guy

Our next favourite Series 18 minifigure would have to be the Red Dragon Suit Guy. This is a really cool throwback to the Fantasy Era Dragon from 2007. The attention to detail is also really good.

Race Car Guy

Race Car Guy is another favourite from the LEGO CMF Series 18 list. It's a really nice throwback to the Rocket Racer minifigure from the Rocket Racer game (notice the 'RR'). Also the car featuring the number 40 is awesome. Overall this minifigure looks great and could be used easily outside of the series.

Police Officer

The Police Officer is another favourite. Not much has changed since his 1978 LEGO 600 version (as shown by the gift he's holding). We've also heard that this special minifigure is available only once in a full 60 pack box. A really cool throwback for sure.


That's our favourites from the LEGO CMF Series 18 collection. We also like Fireworks Guy, Orange Balloon LEGO Fan Boy, Balloon Artist Clown and Spider Suit Guy! What are your favourite characters?

Monday, January 23, 2017

LEGO Ninjago 2017

For Malaysia LEGO Ninjago fans, the wait is almost over, this February, the year 2017 wave will be released, and here I am to provide you the pricelist.

#70621 The Vermillion Attack
Price: RM49.90

#70622 Desert Lightning
Price: RM99.90

#70623 Destiny's Shadow
Price: RM129.90

#70624 Vermillion Invader
Price: RM129.90

#70625 Samurai VXL
Price: RM199.90

#70626 Dawn of Iron Doom
Price: RM299.90

#70627 Dragon's Forge
Price: RM399.90

All on all, the design of the sets seems great, with new minifigures and minifigures accessories. Not so sure about features or play value that each of these sets have. I am looking forward for the release though.

It's rumored to hit the store on 1st of Feb, I think it came a little late and not sure if there are still any #40234 Year of the Rooster left to be given away as freebies. 

Images from Brickset.

LEGO Disney BrickHeadz 2017

Disney theme has their own BrickHeadz too and with the upcoming movie Beauty and the Beast, you pretty much can guess the characters that they will be releasing for Disney.


If you are the fans you probably might grab them both too to complete all you BrickHeadz collection at least for the first wave which consist a total of 10 BrickHeadz character from various theme. 

LEGO DC Super Heroes BrickHeadz 2017

So which character are we going to get for DC Super Heroes BrickHeadz? Wait no more, because these are the characters that are coming to the retail store:

-The Joker™

I'm kind of curious which version are we getting. But I might be wrong about these characters though, please do not have high hopes on it. Mostly I will be skipping this, unless they comes with minifigures to accompany each of this BrickHeadz. But for fans who like the design, you may buy them as a display whether is in your office or you hall of collection. :)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes BrickHeadz 2017

It has been awhile since I last blog and today as you may have already know, BrickHeadz will be release for both Marvel and DC Super Heroes and I guess Disney Princess too in conjunction with the launch of Beauty and the Beast movie.

So this is the retail version of Marvel Super Heroes BrickHeadz characters that will be hitting our stores: 

- Captain America
- Iron Man
- Black Widow
- The Hulk

This is the character that I know of right now and seeing that the SDCC exclusive pair are not coming with any minifigures, I bet these are the same.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

LEGO 71009 LEGO Minifigures - The LEGO Simpsons Series 2 Review

If you are eager to know what are the distribution in LEGO 71009 Minifigures - The LEGO Simpsons Series 2 box set, you can just head on to Eurobricks to read the review:

71009 LEGO Minifigures - The LEGO Simpsons Series 2 Review

Is a good news that there is four Maggie that comes in the set and you will have a four complete set Simpsons family instead of three compare with the previous series. If you are a fans of The Simpsons, there is no escaping in collecting all of the minifigures.

Just click on the link below the image to read the review, honestly speaking, there are a lot character here that I do not know about.

Image from Eurobricks.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Toys'R'Us Malaysia Promotion

Starting 10th March 2015, Tuesday, Toys'R'Us (TRU) will be giving out free polybag for certain theme and there are terms and condition. All of the promo are applicable to Star Card member only.

Free #30305 Spider-Man Super Jumper with any purchase of LEGO Super Heroes.

Free #30293 Kai Drifter with purchase of MYR100 and above on LEGO Ninjago.

Free #30311 Swamp Police Helicopter with purchase of MYR100 and above on LEGO City.

Depends on how badly you will need the new playset, if you can wait, these polybag will be an additional bonus for you. However, some TRU does not have much selection on LEGO playset compare to LEGO certified store.

Images from Brickset.